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Alphabetical Product List

A-Mon Product PageA-Mon Analogue Monitor Controller for Atmos, 7.1 5.1 and Stereo
API Product PageCustom Synchronizer Panels and Systems for API Vision consoles
BS-1/BS2 Product PageThe CB Biphase Synchroniser is a scaled down version of the successful MC-1 Virtual Master. It can lock biphase to timecode, or to act as a sony protocol biphase generator for use with the SR series remote controls or a hard disk work station.
CBServer Product Page CBServer: Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI)for RM-6, SR Synchronizers
CBServer3 Product Page CBServer3: Mac/Windows/Linux Graphical User Interface (GUI)for RM-6, SR Synchronizers, initial Beta test version
CBTaker Product Page CB Taker: Timecode Capture Software for use with ADR software, use a machine control window or UR422 Hardware interface to control any Sony 9pin controllable machine and capture in and out points
Download-2 Product PageDownload Program for Windows and Mac X
EDL Recorder Product PageEDL Recorder, generates CMX EDL List from LTC and Contact Closures
Euphonix Product PageCustom Synchronizer Panels and Systems for Euphonix consoles
Harrison Product PageCustom Synchronizer Panels and Systems for Harrison consoles
PD-1 Product PagePD-1: Monitor Control System for DAW's
PD-3 Product PagePD-3: Film Monitor Remote
P2MMC-USB Product Page:P2MMC-USB: RS422, Timecode, Video Sync and GPIO interface for USB MIDI
QTPlayer Product PageRS422 controlled Quicktime Player for Windows and Mac X
RM-6 Product PageRM-6: Six Port Machine Control System, Rack Mounting
SA-2 Product PageSA-2: Sony Protocol Analyser, Manual, Software and Drivers Windows 98, 2K, XP
SR-4 Product PageSR-4: Four Port Machine Control System, Desktop
SR-424 Product Page SR-424: Four Port Machine Control System, Desktop
syncstation Product Page Nuendo timecode/wordclock/midi/RS-422 interface
TFT-422 Product Page TFT remote for RM-6
TC-1 Product Page TC-1: Timecode Reader/Generator - Multi Standard - Multi Reference
TC-5 Product Page TC-5: LTC/Midi/USB Timecode Reader/Generator/Converter - Multi Standard - Multi Reference
TC-6 Product Page TC-6: LTC/Midi/USB Timecode Reader/Generator/Converter - Multi Standard - Multi Reference
UR-422 Product Page UR-422: Fully Programable Two Port Remote Control
TMC-1-XMon Product PageTMC-1-XMon TFT Remote Control for XMon
TMC-1-Penta Product PageTMC-1-Penta TFT Remote Control for NTP Penta 720 and DAD AX32
TMC-1-DMon Product PageTMC-1-DMon TFT Remote Control for Trinnov D-Mon
UR-422usb Product PageUR-422usb: Fully Programable Remote Control with USB port, 2xRS422 ports, LTC output, GPIO, and Video Sync input
USB-422 Product Page:USB-422 and USB422V: Dual RS422 port for DAW's, Manuals, Drivers and Test Software s
VM-15A HD Streamer Product Page:New VM-15A Streamer with Mac software
VM-15 HD Streamer Product Page:VM-15 Streamer with Mac and Windows software
VS-1 Video Streamer Product Page:Video Streamer and Windows software
XPand Product PageXPand Atmos / Auro upgrade for Avid XMon or CB A-Mon
X-SR-424 Product PageX2-SR-424, X4-SR-424: Remote for RM-6 Synchronizer 
Forntniche RC5 Frontniche RC5 Remote Control Product Page
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Software Downloads by Product Category
Windows & DOS Programs
Rack units: Firmware
SR/MR/RM Sychronisers: Firmware
P2DVD, P2MMC: Firmware & P2P2

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