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PD-1 / PD1-S6


*** New PD-1net firmware, PD-1net and PD1-S6net with Ethernet Port ***
up to 32 Stems each with up to 16 Tracks - 128 track on one Protools or 192 tracks on two Protools

PD-1 Upgrades

Existing PD-1's may be upgrades to PD-1net harware and software,
a new base including Ethernet port is fitted
Note: The original PD-1 softyware does not work on PD-1net hardware!
PD-Stem Mac/Win Documentation and Software Windows/Mac/Mac-cocoa PDStem Software Stem Layout, store, and recall software for use with PD-1net and PD-3 firmware
Updated 22nd Nov 2018 for 32 stems
pd-1net user guide.pd User guide for PD-1net software upgrade PD-1net Manual(Français)
PD-1net firmware - Use RS422upd-win/mac to install
pd1net-18903.bin PD-1net firmware rev 18903 (3/Sept/2018} For new PD-1net or upgraded PD-1 units with Ethernet Port-
Now with 32 Stems of up to 16 tracks
Slave bug fixed for two PD-1net
pd1net-18413.bin PD-1net firmware rev 18413 (13/04/18} For new PD-1net or upgraded PD-1 units with Ethernet Port-
watchdog timer bug fixed
various bugs fixed
Buy Online - PD-1net and PD1-S6net are available Ex-Stock
All prices include delivery by courier 1-3 days depending on location,
UK sales with VAT, EU Sales with/without VAT, "Rest of World" without VAT
If you Select "Europe Excluding VAT" you must
Email your VAT/TVA Number, Company Name and Address or include it with your order
For all locations Please include your Name and Telephone number for the courier
PD-1net Hardware Upgrade for existing PD-1's
Includes new base with ethernet, PD-1net S/W
Destination UK / EU / World
PD-1net PD1-S6net
Destination UK / EU / World

English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
PD-1 Flyer Two page information sheet on PD-1 Informations PD-1
PD1faq.pdf Frequenly Asked Questions on installing and using the PD-1 FAQ PD-1
PD-1 rev 3 Manual User manual for PD-1 revision 3 (8 Sept 2014) Connection diagram added, (5 April 2012) menu update added PD-1 rev 3 Manual
PD-1 block diagrams Block Diagrams showing PD-1 connected with Icon and Protools

ProTools Film Block ProTools Block diagram showing the Signal Flow for Film
ptdevice.pdf (457KB) Information sheet on using Protools as a device to the PD-1
30 June 2009

Multimaster Two page information sheet using PD-1 in a Multi-Master System Informations Multimaster
PD-1 Rev2 Template How to use the ProTools PD-1 Session template with Rev 2 software, available to download from this page
PD-1 Dimensions PD-1 dimensions for installation preparation
Replacing a Paddle Switch Instruction sheet on replacing a paddle switch Informations Paddle
USB422 Information sheet on USB-422 Dual RS422 port for DAW's USB422
CBLoader User Manual for 'Download' a Windows Software Download Tool for use with PD-1, UR-422 and MCU-1
Mac-Mini-Din Pin connection details Mac Mini Din to RS422 for machine control and machine emulation Pro-Tools PD-1 Session Template, setup for 24 track 5.1 session
Mac and Windows Firmware update Software
PD-1 Programming Guide.pdf How to use RS422upd-mac/win to update the PD-1 PD-1 Logiciel de Mise à Jour Windows Firmware updater tool for PD-1 keyboard, Runs on windows 98, 2000, xp, win-7 and win-10
Requires a RS422 port - USB-RS422 (Dual RS422 port to USB)
31/10/2016 Updated to include PD-2 Option install
USB-422 driver must be fitted, see usb-422 page Mac Firmware updater tool for PD-1 keyboard
Requires a RS422 port - USB-RS422 (Dual RS422 port to USB)
31/10/2016 Updated to include PD-2 Option install
USB-422 driver may need to be fitted, see usb-422 page
Firmware: PD-1 Software is saved in Flash Rom and updated using rs422upd (Free download tool)
and a windows/mac computer using USB-422 port B connected to PD-1 port A. 24th Sept 2012 Current PD-1 Revision-3 Software,
28 June 2012 c628 Slave PD-1 displayed machine name updated
27 June 2012 c627 'Not in locked Play' Bug fixed when using two PD-1's together (bug was introduced in C203)
3 March 2012 c203 Rev-3: Ttrack names as Track-Stem or Stem-Track PD-1 Revision-2 Software,
27 Aug 2010 A827 Longer option added to Command Interval - 1= Fast, 2= 1/2 Frame 3= 1 Frame
see my blog for more details:- Keep In Sync
11 May 2010 A511 New Menu and Fix added for slower protools machines that required 1/2 frame between commands -
15 December 2008: Slave PD-1 bug fixed
04 December 2008: Check for Protools Lock tally added, Inhibits Track arming and editon/editoff commands if protools locking
Menu 16-Wait for Lock
1= Yes 2= No
30 October 2008 Check for Lock added, when chasing protools to timecode an offset error is introduced if a edit on command is sent before protools is locked. This version will check for a lock tally for two seconds. once a lock tally is set then the edit on command is sent
10 October 2008 64 tracks on Protools and print master stems , Start track and number of tracks added
Download bug fixed
Track count over 48 bug fixed
Requires windows computer with RS422 port, CBLoader Program (Below) PD-1 Revision-2 Software for use with AVR Studio and AVR Dragon,
Will update software in PD-1 when dowloader does not work
Requires AVR Studio and AVR Dragon
Last update 11 May 2010 PD-1 Revision-1 Software,
Original software, updated after visit to Digidesign, includes templates
16 October 2006
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USB-422 USB-422 and USB422V: Dual RS422 port for DAW's, Manuals, Drivers and Test Software

you may download WinZip95 here


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