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Studio Sound - Rob James review of SR-3

This review in Studio Sound from Rob James
also contains general infomation on the company and its products

res-cov (3K)

P2DVD PIONEER DVD-V7300D/V7400D RS422 machine control interface
review in Resolution Magazine by Rob James

Beautiful Streamers

Automatic Wipes Aid ADR Cues
by R.J. Kizer
Article in Editors Guild Magazine

res-cov (3K)

PD-1 Pec-Direct Remote for DAW's and USB422

review in Resolution Magazine by Rob James

In 1994 Colin Broad received an
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Technical Achievement Award in the category of Sound

for the design and development of EDL (Edit Decision Lister)
which creates encoded timecode track and database
during the initial transfer of the production sound "dailies"

Noel Paine (33K)

"un Giorno Ancora" One More Day

colins cuba bike challenge

Time in UK

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