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January 2017

December 2016

type="circle"> New PD-2 software avaiable for the PD-1.

October 2016

September 2016

  • Colin Broad has been awarded the AMPS (Association of Motion Picture Sound) Exceptional Contribution Award.
    AMPS 2016 Award

  • The new PD-3 Film Monitor Remote Released. The new PD-2 system and the TMC-1 have been combined into one S6 fader size pannel.

  • Sony orders 3 TMC-1 S6 XMon units.

  • History Channel UK orders TMC-1 S6 D-Mon.

August 2016

  • The first sale of the new A-Mon Edingburgh Napier University.

June 2016

  • The first installation of the new XPand at Creative Sounds BV, by MSV.

Febuary 2016

  • ORF. (more info to come at a later date)

  • Twickenham. (more info to come at a later date)

December 2015

January 2015

  • Goldcrest. (more info to come at a later date)
    TMC-422 (139K)

September 2006

  • We have been concentrating on developing the PEC-Direct and our USB products (see overviews) and the intention is to develop further products in this range.

  • This month Digidesign bought 6 of our USB422 for their European exhibitions.

  • They are also taking 2 PD-1s, an LD-1 and RM-6 in multi master mode, to the forthcoming IBC in USA.

May 2003

  • Pinewood Theatre 1 has recently been upgraded to have three remote control's to enable improved mixing for Tomb Raider 2

  • Skywalker are currently testing the new P2DVD mark 2 which will chase timecode

  • All P2DVD interfaces shipped from now will have software capability to work as a video player in video editing systems. All units can be upgraded from software on the web site. Visit our customer area for more information.

  • Upgrades to CB Server PC software will include track arming as well as saving and loading offsets.

  • New mc˛ machine control interface Lawo
    cb-lawo (14K)
    Just before the AES Colin Broad and Lawo concluded the successful joint development of the mc˛-series machine control. The CB electronics control panels are integrated in the mc˛ surface. Colin's comment: "The mc˛ is one of the most amazing recording desks in the world. Very flexible and custom-specified".
    The machine control system is available for every existing or new mc˛ console. The configuration can be done with the CB server software via the GUI PC.

  • and some interesting news just received from a customer (May 2003)
    Guy runs le mobile a recording truck with Studer analogue A827 24 Track and digital D827, he is using a SR-4 interfacing directly to the Sony machines using Sony P2 protocol, directly to the D827 using AES/EBU protocol and to the A827 using a TLS 4000 synchroniser!

    Hi Colin, I just want to say hello,
    it is 1:30 am - I am finishing mixing 26 songs for The Pretenders DVD in 5.1. Your CB box is hooked-up to my Studer TLS (analog A800) my Studer D827, a Digi Beta and a BVU 850 never missed a beat, we do not have to think about it. It is always working.

    They messed up when they transferred the film to video. It (the CB box) saved our life with the No Doubt DVD (drop frame video when the original master was recorded with non drop frame and with no video we ref'd to "Film shoot") We have found a great trick to reverse the mistake made on the video production, combination of Studer D827, pull down and generate a drop frame to lock up the video and the ProTools.
    Thank you again, Guy Charbonneau

March 2001

  • We have completed our interface to the SSL 4K and 5K consoles
    this allows the CB RM-6 hub to be used as a five machine controller with the SSL automation system.
    for further details see data sheet (printable .pdf which requires Acrobat reader)

  • New Product RM-6
    Our new rack synchronisation unit for use with the RS422 output on Consoles and DAW's. This provides multimachine control from one RS422 Sony protocol port. An extended protocol is available allowing control of all the features. (further details)

  • New Product RM-Config / SR-Config
    Low Cost Eprom Programer and Software allowing Customers and Agents to update software and define their own configuration after hard reset for use with our SR and Rack mount units

  • Release of SR-32 controller
    Similar to the SR24 but with 32 track arm keys and an enlarged keyboard

  • Completion of a configuration for use with our SR and Rack mount units

  • Sales of 3 Taker (ADR dialogue replacement) systems to Germany complete with SR32ADR controller and VS-2 video streamers.

  • Sales of 10 four machine Video Editors to Germany, unique features include suport for both Ampex and Sony protocols and ability to define up to four record machines.

For further information on any of our products please contact:
CB Electronics
Tel: +44 (0)118 9320345
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