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CBServer / RM-6 Improvements 21/07/2003

CBServer / RM-6 Updates The main improvements are as follows:-
  1. The Menu and title bar now disappear when not in use, this has enabled us to add a menu to the Master display. The Menu allows the user to select if the full system display is visible or not. As the full display is not a 'Stay on Top' window it will be hidden if the focus moves to another window. clicking on the Master display will reveal the full display window.
  2. The track arm display is now integrated with the Master position display and will 'Stay on Top', when not required double clicking on the position display will enable/disable the track arm display.
  3. Machine offsets may be saved/loaded from a file, this should be saved with the project files. I would like to make this automatic if possible for this I need to know the path for the current mix data on the Mixer, please advise if known.
  4. Multiple screen layouts may now be saved/loaded allowing for multiple user preferences.
  5. The RM-6 software allows up to 8 machine set-ups to be saved in eeprom where they are different to the default settings.
  6. The next issue of the RM-6 software will change the function of the 'Number' key on the front panel. This will become a 'Command' key and behave in the same way as the shift & store keys so that the keys will default to number mode. This is so that the unit defaults to a safe mode. If you wish to keep the keys in command mode then [Shift] followed by [Cmd] will lock the key.

You can use the same CBServer software for all systems but there are two versions of the RM-6 software on the web site, one for SR systems (6 ports maximum) and one for MR systems with one or more MR-3's (20 ports maximum).
Hardware Modification
The latest RM-6 software requires a small upgrade on the RM-6, U19 should be changed from a 24C02 to a 24C08, the RM-6 will tell you this when you fit new software, This is a 8 pin chip and is soldered directly, I suggest replacing with a 8 pin DIL socket, CBServer / RM-6 Updates

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