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DAW Monitor Control Panel


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Basic information below
Further information PD-1 Downloads print manual and flyer/overview, download software

Main Features
All audio switching performed within the DAW
Solo Using Mute option for 'Solo in Place'
Track and Stem names, Read from the DAW are displayed
Automatic Stem/Track assignment from track names
Eight Global set-ups, 16 Stems, 64 tracks
Multiple PD-1 panels may be daisy chained for multi-user operation
Custom low depth, light action paddle switches
Integrates with CB machine control for multi-user and/or multi machine systems
Interfaced with Pro-Tools version 7.2, Pyramix version 5.XX.XSP2 (via Sony 9 pin)
Interfacing to other DAW's (Nuendo, Sequoia, Sadie.. .) under discussion.
Fingertip record/monitor control of Track, Stem(Sub Group) or all tracks

The PD-1 is a new concept in DAW monitoring based on the film mixing concept of the ”PEC/Direct” panel that allows you to mix with separate Dialog, Music and Effects Stems (sub-mixes). You can monitor any combination whilst preserving the ability to ‘Solo in Place’ any source track. The solo, mute and source/playback switching are implemented within the DAW. The audio is mixed within the workstation to generate the individual monitor feeds (LCRS...). This reduces both cost and complexity by eliminating external connections and hardware.

Solo/Solo In Place

Implementing Solo with Mute allows the output groups to be Solo Safe so that Solo In Place may be used within a single DAW without losing Solo on the output groups.

Stem-Track Names

The track names are read directly from the DAW, then split into stem (output group) and channel name. The first four Characters of the channel name is displayed above each channel in the bottom line of the LCD for example the sound effect stem track names could be Fx L, Fx R, Fx C, Fx Sub, Fx Sl and Fx Sr. The Stem names is displayed in the top line of the display, sixteen stems, each with up to eight tracks may be defined within the PD-1. Alternatively logical Stem and Track names may be used (St01..ST16). When Stem names are read from the DAW the track grouping and stems for ‘Global 1’ can be automatically generated.

Controlling Multiple Stems

The user may configure 8 ‘Global set-ups’ which may contain a either tracks or Stems. The Stem key allows direct access to any stem defined in a Global Group allowing control over individual output channels, Output Groups(stems) and multiple stems (Global).


Each unit has one input and one output so that units may be Daisy chained allowing multiple operators to control a single multi-track recorder. This protocol is implemented in the forthcoming release of Protools 7.2 and Pyramix 5.XX.XSP2.

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Diagram and Other views

PD-1 diagram (20K)

pd1alt1 (32K) pd1alt2 (30K)

further information please visit PD-1 Downloads where you can download software or print the manual and flyer/overview

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