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TMC-1 Banner

* Click here to see details on the TMC-1-Penta for use with the NTP Penta/DAD AX32, Avid MTRX
* Click here to see details on the TMC-1-DMon for use with the Trinnov D-Mon
* Click here to see details on the TMC-1 with the CB A-Mon
* Click here to see details on the TMC-1-XMon for use with the Avid XMon

* New OSC Remote Control for the TMC-1 *
The TMC-1 is now interfaced to OSC (Open Sound Control), this allows users to control te TMC-1 from mobile phones or Tablets. CB have written a template for the TMC-1-Penta, A-Mon and XMon using TouchOSC, the touchOSC app for iOS or Android is available for $5 from the appropriate App store. You can also download the TouchOSC editorand design your own layouts.
To find out more visit Colin's Blog Open Sound Control for the TMC-1
Below is a screen shot of one of the available pages

OSC Screen

You can experiment now by downloading the TouchOSC Editor and the following information pack Cotains templates
TouchOSC downloads page at