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TFT Remote Control for XMon

Drawing of TMC-1
TMC-1-S6 module for S6 (knob size module)
Drawing of TMC-1-S6

Design Considerations
The TMC-1 is available for four different systems, the Avid XMon, DAD AX32/Penta 720, the Trinnov D-Mon and CB A-Mon.
We have four main objectives when we started to designing the TMC-1 remote
1) Make the best possible monitor control interface
2) Provide a unified user interface for all systems, large and small.
3) Include Talkback, Listen back, and cue sends
4) Include automation features for ADR and ISDN With more than 5,000 sold the XMon must be one of the most available monitoring units available. Unfortunately unless you are using an appropriate console the XMon is probably just taking up space in the store room.
* Click here to see details on the TMC-1-Penta for use with the NTP Penta/DAD AX32
* Click here to see details on the TMC-1-DMon for use with the Trinnov D-Mon
* Click here to see details on the TMC-1-A-Mon for use with the CB A-Mon
Special features of this controller include
* ADR-style control of Talkback, Listen-back, Studio L/S and Control Room L/S from play and record GP Inputs or LTC and MTC inputs.
* Stem style monitoring with 2 eight channel stems and up to 4 stereo stems
* Facilitate monitoring of the Studio L/S send via stereo input 4
* Click here for more Information

TMC-1 Configuration Software and new VGA cable with adaptors

TMC-1 Keys TMC-1 Names TMC-1 Cable

Buy Online - TMC-1 available on 2 week delivery

Please check for a local distributer before ordering direct
The TMC-1 is supplied with a XMon to VGA converters,
We have a stock of tested 7m VGA Cables which we are selling at the 5m price,
other lengths are available to order - 10m, 15m, 20m, or longer.
Note: not all VGA cables will work in this application!
All prices include delivery by courier 1-3 days depending on location.
VAT is included for UK Sales, EU Sales are with/without VAT, no VAT is charged or "Rest of World"
If you Select "Europe Excluding VAT" you must email your VAT/TVA Number or include it with your order
Please include your Company Name and Address and telephone number for the courier.
TMC-1-XMon including XMon to VGA converter(s) Tested 7m VGA cable Tested 10m VGA cable Tested 15m VGA cable
Destination UK / EU / World
Destination UK / EU / World
Destination UK / EU / World
Destination UK / EU / World
TMC-1-XMon Firmware
tmc1-xmon-17903.bin Sept 2017 - Latest S/W for TMC-1 with Ethernet Port (With OSC)
tmc1-xmon_noEnet-17903.bin Sept 2017 - Latest S/W for TMC-1 without Ethernet Port (No OSC)
tmc1-xmon-17815.bin Aug 2017 - OSC remote Control Added, only for use ON TMC-1 with Ethernet Port Aug 2017 OSC Documentation and sample files for TouchOSC
tmc1-xmon-17405.bin April 2017 - Updated for use with TMC-1v4, Auto Resume Listen back
tmc1-xmon-17314.bin 14 March 2017 - Updated for use with current TMC-1v3 software
Windows and Mac Software Update setup program (Win/Mac) for use with TMC-1 software after 22nd March 2017
Now includes cocoa version for latest OS-X Update setup program (Win/Mac) for use with TMC-1 software after 3rd March 2017 Use Midiupd (Mac or Windows) to update the TMC-1 firmware via USB Port
Now includes cocoa version for latest OS-X

English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
TMC-1 Information Sheet (296KB) Two page information sheet on the TMC-1
Informations TMC-1
TMC-1 XMon Guide.pdf (676KB) TMC-1 XMon Guide
XMon specific for use with TC-1 user guide
Manuel TMC-1 XMon
TMC-1Reference.pdf (2096KB) TMC-1 Reference Guide
Release 3.0
Manuel TMC-1 de ReferenceV5
TMC-1 SPL Calibration.pdf (19KB) Copy from the TMC-1 Reference Guide describing how to calibrate the TMC-1 speakers

Calibration des niveaux d'écoute
TMC-1 Configuration Guide.pdf (676KB) TMC-1 Configuration Guide
Release 1.0
TMC-1 Guide de configuration
TMC-1 Programming Guide.pdfStep by step programming instructions
Manuel MidiUpd.
Mise à jour pour: TMC-1, A-Mon et XPand
Optimise_xmon.pdf Optimising XMon performance, getting the best signal to noise (Dynamic Range) from your XMon
midiclass.pdf (257KB) What to do if the TMC-1 driver does not show up in your computer.

XMon Firmware AVID Software and installer to modify XMon so that the Alt Outputs become Meter outputs
Includes standard Xmon firmware if you want to revert
Includes instalation details
You will need a Midi Interface and special cable to install this software, details of cable included in the zip file.

Links to related pages
tmc1penta.html Details on the TMC-Penta for NTP penta 720 or DAD AX32
tmc1amon.html Details on the TMC-1-A-Mon for CB Electronics A-Mon
xpand.html Details XPand, Atmos or Auro expansion for XMon or A-Mon

you may download WinZip95 here

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