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Analogue Monitor Controller for Atmos, 7.1, 5.1 and Stereo

A-Mon Photo

A-Mon Photo

TMC-1 Photo
Owen Curtin talking about the TMC-1 in a Stereo enviroment

Design Considerations

A-Mon is designed as a analogue Stereo / 5.1 / 7.1 monitor controller for use with the TMC-1 remote. Using feedback from existing TMC-1 customers, the A-Mon is a full studio monitor system that incorporates some unique features including re-assigning the rear surround to side surround when switching from 7.1 to 5.1 with surround level correction.

Basic Specification:
  • Three Control Room speaker selections
  • Six Inputs: 1x 7.1, 1x 5.1 and 4 stereo Inputs, or 2x 7.1 Inputs and 4 stereo Inputs
  • Cue Inputs: 3 or 2 stereo inputs - available on all cue outputs
  • Four Cue outputs - Studio L/S, Headphones, Cue1, Cue 2
  • Two Talkback microphone inputs Engineer and Producer
  • Two Listen back microphone inputs
  • Stereo AFL Input
  • Down mix Output, Slate output and GPIO
A-Mon pricing (Excluding VAT), available on 2 week delivery

Please check for a local distributer before ordering direct
A-Mon Only £1,920 A-Mon + TMC-1 bundle £2,880 A-Mon + TMC-1-S6 bundle £3,000

A-Mon + XPand + TMC-1 bundle £4,080 A-Mon + Xpand + TMC-1-S6 bundle £4,200
A-Mon Firmware
amon-17B15.bin Nov 2017 - Downmix Bug fixed, Cold start problem fixed
amon-17902.bin Sept 2017 - Solo/Mute when Downmix enabled now on inputs
amon-17405.bin April 2017 - Levels corrected, metering accuracy improved
amon-17314.bin 14 March 2017 - Updated to prevent interaction between No Center and No LFE setup options with Stereo Downmix and Stereo monitoring options
TMC-1-AMon Firmware
tmc1-amon-17815.bin Aug 2017 - OSC remote Control Added Aug 2017 OSC Documentation and sample files for TouchOSC
tmc1-amon-17405.bin April 2017 - Updated for use with TMC-1v4, Auto Resume Listen back
tmc1-amon-17314.bin 14 March 2017 - Updated for use with current TMC-1v3 software
Software and Documentation Package ( Firmware, Windows and Mac Software, pdf documentation) Latest A-Mon+TMC-1-AMon s/w, Mac+Windows s/w and documentation TMC-1 files updated 17th Jan 2017 Update setup program (Win/Mac) for use with TMC-1 software after 3rd March 2017
Now includes cocoa version for latest OS-X
updated 23rd March 2017 ; now saves and recalls all variables includes Advanced Setup variables Update setup program (Win/Mac) for use with TMC-1 software after 3rd March 2017
updated 3rd March 2017 ; now saves and recalls all variables Use Midiupd (Mac or Windows) to update the TMC-1 firmware via USB Port
Now includes cocoa version for latest OS-X

English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
A-Mon User Guide.pdf Initial Release
Manuel A-Mon
25pinD_pinouts.pdf Individual 25pin D pinnouts for A-Mon and Xpand

amon-xmon comparison.pdf Comparison between the XMon and A-Mon

TMC-1 Amon Guide.pdf (676KB) TMC-1 User Guide
Release 2.0
18/June/2016 Match new s/w, Setup and technical information moved to new TMC-1 Tech Guide
Manuel TMC-1-A-Mon
TMC-1 Reference.pdf (676KB) TMC-1 Reference Guide
Release 4.0
28/March/2016 March XPand:- new user keys and menu
Manuel TMC-1 de ReferenceV5
TMC-1 SPL Calibration.pdf (676KB) Excerpt from the TMC-1 Reference Guide describing how to calibrate the TMC-1 speakers

Calibration des niveaux d'écoute
TMC-1 Programming Guide.pdf Step by step programming instructions
Manuel MidiUpd.
Mise à jour pour: TMC-1, A-Mon et XPand
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you may download WinZip95 here

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