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RM-6    rack synchronisation unit

rm6 (44K)
Basic information below
Further information RM-6 Product Page print manual and flyer/overview, download software

The RM Synchronizer is designed to operate with a standard Sony 9-pin remote, using a scalable extended Sony protocol. OEM customers may extend their existing machine control using the functions they require, or develop full synchroniser interface with individual machine control and status display.

The RM Serial remote/Synchronizer uses experience gained from both the SR and MR series remote control system. Designed to be used with existing consoles and DAW's this unit will expand a single Sony Protocol serial port to five serial ports. The various serial protocol options allow the RM Synchronizer unit to act as a serial protocol converter.

A single machine or virtual machine(Generator) is controlled by the serial input, the chase function expands this to up to five machines. Record On and Off are sent to all record enabled machines. Record track arming is provided for up to 100 tracks and may be mapped over all machines either by the user or an automatic algorithm.

mr6-sv7 (20K)rm6-st (11K)
RM-6 integrated into the consol at STUDER VISTA-7® and configuration of the consol at SOUNDTRACS®

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With the development of the RM-6 rack mounted unit we are able to move most of the electronics from the controller to the machine room. The SR-4 may be used with a single RS-422 connection to control the RM-6. Whilst the existing SR-24 may also be used as a remote control for the RM-6 the separate Display box made it expensive. The new SR-424 is our solution, it may be used as a remote for the RM-6 in the same way but with 24 track arm keys.

The rear panel of the SR-424 is the same as the SR-4, this allows the SR-424 to be used as a stand alone unit with extra track arm keys. We are also looking at an ADR version of the SR-424 for the future.

information on SR-4 and SR-24

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