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Rack Mount Synchronizer

Drawing of RM-6

English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
RM-6HD User Guide (296KB) User guide for RM-6HD
Informations RM-6HD
RM-6HD With FCP and Avid (85KB) Using the RM-6HD as a multimachine interface with FCP or Avid

RM-6HD and Euphonix (296KB) Guide to using the RM-6HD with Euphonix System 5 Mixing Consoles

sr-user.pdf (585KB) User Manual for all CB Sychronizers
4th September 2006
Manuel Utilisateur
sr-tech (585KB) Technical Manual for all CB Sychronizers
28 Sept 2012
Manuel Technique
RM6-PortE (285KB) Changing Port E Connections from Controller to Device
8 August 2011
Multimaster.pdf (257KB) Two page information sheet using RM-6HD in Multi-Master Mode
Informations Multimaster
crosslock.pdf (257KB) Two page information sheet on the RM-6HD timecode crosslock facility
23 July 2008

ptcontroller.pdf (457KB) Information sheet on using Protools as a controller to the RM-6 (For example in the Icon)
30 June 2009

ptdevice.pdf (457KB) Information sheet on using Protools as a device to the RM-6 (For example as the dubber)
30 June 2009

avidfcp.pdf (457KB) Information sheet on using the RM-6 with Avid or Final Cut Pro to layback to multiple video recorders
13 April 2011

trilevel.pdf (257KB) Two page information sheet on the Tri-Level Interface PCB

RM6Eprom.pdf (257KB) Information sheet on changing the RM-6 Firmware
14 Sept 2006
tcpatchf.pdf (257KB) Information sheet on making Timecode Patch Panels

p2patch.pdf (257KB) Information sheet on making 9 pin Patch Panels and cables
RM6OEM.pdf (257KB) Information sheet for OEM's on using the RM-6 as a multi-machine control system

Firmware and Windows Software
RM-6HD RM-6N (SR) Rack Hub includes Display and Keyboard drivers for use with CBServer and XMC Remotes includes support for PD-1, Footage, X-Lock, VS-1 Streamer, Mosaic
Latest version
27C512 ROMUPD 20th JULY 2014 X2-SR4 Two Port Remote Software for RM-6HD-4
27C512 EPROM 4 December 2008

RM6-Vista RM-6N (SR) Rack Hub includes Display and Keyboard drivers for use with CBServer and XMC Remotes (24C08 EEPROM) includes PD-1 support, and Studer Vista Support
27C512 EPROM 13 August 2007

RM6-MR RM-6N (MR) Rack Hub with Display and Keyboard for use with X-Sony Protocol Remotes. Two Versions RM-6N_????-EE.BIN for unmodified units with 24C01 EEPROM 17/12/03 and RM-6N_????.BIN for updated and current units with 24C08 EEPROM
27C512 EPROM 17/12/2003

Links to related download pages
CBServer Windows Graphical User Interface
Protools Setup Written for the ProTools PD-1 Session template this is a good setup guide for Protools
Optimise Case studies on DFC optimisation
USB422 USB to Dual RS422 Port

you may download WinZip95 here


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