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             Drawing of CBServer3

English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
CBServer3 Information Sheet (296KB) Two page information sheet on the CBServer3 software
Informations CBServer3
cbserver3.pdf (257KB) Preliminary Manual fot the CBServer3

Manuel CBServer3
Revision History - Mac/Windows/Linux Software
22 Aug 2017 Show/hide Printmaster added for those who do not need it!
25th Jan 2017 Set loop delay macro added, Enable/Disable Record Out Added
17th Jan 2017 selecting a EDL Entry will update the in and out on the SR-4/RM-6 Right Click on EDL List Entry sends Rehearse Command
7th Dec 2016 Printmaster Window added
24th Oct 2016 drop Frame Flag on P2 input Updated
9th Aug 2016 Film Footage Updated
29th June 2016 Save and Load of Unit and Interface Config added
14th April 2016 GD-1 Control via RM-6 GPI's added
26th June 2015 Printmaster Macro added
3rd July 2014 Send Cues to VS-1 added as macro and key on Auto Edit menu - visibility set in prefs
19th June 2014 Beta Version Now release, developed with the help of Jun Yamazaki from Tac Systems (Japan) and Daniel Gollety (France)
unitconfig.cbf Setup Menu File - This file defines the setup menu and should replace the existing "unitconfig.cbf" if the setup menu within cbserver does not match the SR4/RM-6 setup menu, more updates made
19 June 2014
Windows Software Windows version
Mac Software Intel Mac version

Linux Software Linux version
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CBServer Original CBServer Windows Graphical User Interface
USB422 USB to Dual RS422 Port
RM6 Rack Mount Machine Control Unit
SR-4 Free Standing Machine Control Unit

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