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Manuals and Product Information (Français)

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Catalogue New 2007 Catalogue
Product Information sheets
P2MMC-USB *** NEW *** P2MMC-2 Interface between USB-Midi and Timecode/Video/RS422/GPIO
LD-1 2U Rack Mount Timecode and Footage Display
GD-1 Giant Timecode and Footage Display (5" High Characters)
Midi422 Simple electrical Midi-Rs422 Interface, IU Rack Mount and PSU
Multimaster PD-1 and SR/RM Multi Master Software
PD-1 Monitor control system (PEC/Direct Panel) for DAW's
PD-1 Block PEC/Direct block diagrams for Icon and Protools
ProTools Film BlockPro Tools Block diagram showing the Signal Flow for Film
P2MMC-NUENDO Using the P2MMC with Nuendo
SA2: Sony P2 Protocol analyser, USB interface and Software
UR-422 Universal RS-422 Remote
USB-422 Dual RS422-USB port for Windows, Mac and Linux
USB-422V Dual RS422-USB port with Video Sync Input and GPIO for windows, Mac and Linux
Video Streamer RS422 Upgrade The Video Streamer is now available with Somy 9 pin Software Direct connectio with CB Synchronisers including SR-4, RM-6...
Windows7.pdf Windows 7 data sheet, how to run xp programs under Windows 7
PD-1 Monitor Control System (PEC/Direct Panel) for DAW's (1318KB) 18/07/2008
UR-422 Universal RS-422 Remote (296KB) 26/07/2005
BS-1 Bi-Phase Synchronizer/ Virtual Machine (296KB) 20/11/2001
Bi-Phase Divider/Converter (39KB) 01/10/2001
CC-1 Camera Controller (56KB) 14/05/1998
ED-1 EDL Lister, See below (30KB) 03/06/1999
ED-1 EDL Lister updates, includes capture software (96KB) 03/06/1999
FC-1 Film Coder (76KB) 04/02/2002
GD-1 Giant Led Display (15KB) 11/01/1999
IS-1 ISDN Synchroniser (104KB) 24/11/1997
MC-1 Master Motion Controller (553KB) 07/10/2003
MR-3 Three Machine Serial Interface/Synchroniser (53KB) 15/01/1998
MRH-24/48 Paralel to serial Track Arm converter (53KB) 11/11/2005
MR Series Remote (188KB) 01/08/2001
P2MMC Version 2 software with Multiple operational modes and MTC (64KB) 05/02/2004
P2MMC Version 3 software with Multiple operational modes and MTC, DIP switch modified for more options and only two machine ID's (320KB) 05/03/2005
P2DVD Updated to include Pioneer DVD-8000 (69KB) 28/11/2007
RM-6 (306KB) 03/03/2001
RM-6 SSL 4/5K version (product description)  (45KB) 03/03/2001
Registering CB Software (215KB) 18/05/2004
S-9 slave (45KB) 10/07/1998
SA-1 Windows based Sony Protocol Analyser with RS232 interface (875KB) 01/06/2004
SA-2 Windows based Sony Protocol Analyser with USB interface (875KB) 01/08/2006
SR-24, SR-24A Serial Remotes/Synchronisers (198KB) 20/04/2001
SR-32 Edit (product information)  (69KB) 01/10/2001
Quick Start Guide to SR/MR Serial Remotes/Synchronizers (640KB) 21/11/2003
Quick Start Guide to the RM-6 Serial Remotes/Synchronizers (640KB) 21/11/2003
User Manual for SR-4/SR-24/SR-32/Video Slave/MR Serial Remotes/Synchronizers, Software pre June 2004 (360KB) 29/04/2004
User Manual for SR-4/SR-24/SR-32/Video Slave/MR Serial Remotes/Synchronizers, Software post June 2004 (360KB) 02/07/2005
Technical Manual for SR-4/SR-24/SR-32/MR/RM-6/Video Slave Serial Remotes/Synchronizers (380KB) 05/03/2006
Self Check routines available on SR/MR Systems (4KB) 14/05/2004
TC-1 Reader/ Generator (74KB) 19/02/1998
TC-3 Portable LTC Reader/Generator(29KB) 27/05/1999
TC-4 Portable LTC Reader/Generator replaces TC-3 (86KB) 02/08/2001
TG-1/TG-2 Timecode Gearbox (305KB) 23/05/2003
VS-1 Video Streamer (326KB) 05/03/2005
VS-1 mods (product information)(255KB) 20/11/2001
Lawo Interface: Interface details between RM-6, four port Xmc Hub, Keyboard and Lawo MC2 console (52KB) 08/08/2003
VSLink2 Windows version of program to download cue lists in various formats to the Video Streamer or SR/MR ADR Systems (46KB) 19/10/2001
VS Link DOS Version (46KB) 19/10/2001
User Guide to CBServer: Windows Software suit for use with SR and MR systems (751KB) 20/02/2006
A-Mon User Guide 25/06/2016
XPand User Guide 25/06/2016
TMC-1 User Guide 25/06/2016
TMC-1 Reference 25/06/2016
TMC-1-DMon User Guide 25/06/2016
TMC-1 XMon Guide 25/06/2016
TMC-1 Configuration Guide 25/06/2016
TMC-1 Programming Guide 25/06/2016
Circuit Diagrams 19/05/2003

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