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Our dedicated TIMECODE/READER/GENERATOR contains the basic building block of all our TC units, our Multi Standard EBU/NTSC Longitudinal Timecode Reader/Generator. Any standard Timecode may be read and displayed, from 1/20th to 80 times play speed and visual indications of the Frame Rate, Drop Frame, Colour Frame and Good Code status of the recovered code are also provided.

Generation of 24/25/29.97 Drop & Non-Drop/30 fps may be referenced to XTAL, VIDEO, EXTernal, MAINS or READER and the numeric start value may be easily pre-set or automatically JAMMED (in 4 different modes) to the Reader's input. Full PAL 8 field colour lock or 4 field NTSC are supported and User Bits may also be set in the generated code.

Applications include: Pre-striping Referenced Timecode on audio & video stock; Re-clocking a poor quality Timecode track; and providing a Master Station Clock for Distribution and Resolving applications; Reading and displaying external Timecode sources.

English Manuals and Data Sheets Franšais
tc1.pdf (585KB) TC-1 User Manual
4th September 2006
Manuel Utilisateur
tc1_irigb.pdf (585KB) TC-1 IRIGB Option Connection Block Diagram
4th September 2006
Firmware and Windows Software TC-1 Software - 27C256 EPROM
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