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VM-15A HDSDI/HDMI Streamer/Punch Inserter

Photo of VM-15 Front

Photo of VM-15 rear

For Foley / ADR / Dubbing:

Inserts streamers and punches into SDI or HDMI video
Network MIDI interface for operation with Protools
Streamers and punches are triggered from closures, MIDI, LTC, pops or USB
Converts SDI to HDMI. 'beeps' output

For Scoring Applications:
‘Auricle’ bar/beat display from MIDI
MIDI and HUI-MIDI Triggers
English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
VM-15A User Manual V4.00.6 VM-15A HD SDI/HDMI Streamer Manual (Sept 2013)
Q2Midi User Manual Q2Midi cue List to MIDI file conversion software
Q2midi manual updated 9th May 2012
VM-15 Micro Software and Firmware
Mac Software VM-15A setup and control software Mac OSX 10.6 or greater ALE cue sheet application, includes sample cue sheet: OSX 10.7 or greater Converts cue lists to midi cue file for VM-15
Q2midi updated 23rd May 2012
includes pdftotext.dmg, install pdftotext by double click Used by q2midi to convert pdf files to text files
Links to related product pages
endpointonline Jim Ketcham's website with full information on VM-15
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you may download WinZip95 here


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