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UR-422: Universal RS422 Remote

Photo of UR-422

English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
UR-422 flyer Two page Information sheet on the Universal RS-422 Remote Informations UR-422
UR-422 Manual UR422 Manual, Universal RS-422 Remote
23 March 2009 In/Out connections added
Manuel UR422
UR-422v2 Manual UR422v2 Manual, Universal RS-422 Remote with GPIO and Biphase synchronizer Manuel UR422v2
USB422 Information sheet on USB-422 Dual RS422 port for Computers Informations USB-422
Windows UR422 Firmware Update and Configuration Tools
UR422 Software is saved in Flash Rom and updated using a free download tool and a windows computer with a RS422 port connected to UR422 port A (For example our USB422). The core program has been updated to facilitate specific improvements. There are currently 3 cores a, b, and c. Please select and download the firmware update to suit your UR422. The core section of the program can only be changed by purchasing a replacment chip.
ur-422.msi 32/64bit installation program - now with XMC macro's, cbetcode.dll added

Software download and Configuration tool for UR422 keyboard, Runs on windows 98, 2000, xp, Windows 7 and Windows 7 64bit, requires a RS422 port, for example - CB USB-RS422 (Dual RS422 port to USB) xmc support added
(22 Aug 2011)
UR422 Firmware
UR-422 Software with Sony P2 and MMC, with loops, Bonsai Menu, 32 Cue points cue select, Bonsai Clip Select, Set in, set out added. Improved Bonsai support (clip number display, locate with clip, loop with clip) The 1-8 keys and bank key now may be assigned to record track, loops or locates, The Bank key provides access to 48 tracks, 32 Locate points, or 16 Loops. EE/PB key function added, CB SR macro access added, cue and loop download now with cue number.
Updated to include special functions for CBServer and RM-6 (Machine Selection, Macro Keys ...)
12/Sept/2010 Units from Jan 2006,
22 Aug 2011 XMC Commands added Core revision number in startup display:- "UR422.c"
12 Sept 2010 Units up to 31 Dec 2005 Start up display does not include core revision number Original Beta Hardware (5 units only)
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