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VS-1 Video Streamer

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             Drawing of VS-1

English Manuals and Data Sheets Franšais
VS-1 Video Streamer Video Streamer Manual, updated 7th September 2008
VS Link Free DOS Version 19/10/2001
VSLink2 Windows version of program to download cue lists in various formats to the Video Streamer or SR/MR ADR Systems 19/10/2001
VS1Mods The VS-1 Video Streamer has beeen in production for over 20 years, in that time a number of improvements have been made, this documents the various improvents.
VSremote The VS-1 Video Streamer 37way connections including connection to Sr-4/RM-6 GPIO
Video Streamer RS422 Upgrade The Video Streamer is now available with Somy 9 pin Software Direct connectio with CB Synchronisers including SR-4, RM-6...
Firmware (27C256 EPROM memory image files)
vs-1 P2 14 July 2010: Video Streamer eprom with P2 serial interface and EEPROM support, foe use with RM-6, SR-4 and SR-424ADR
vs-1 Video Streamer eprom with VSLINK-2 and EEPROM support repeat download bug fixed 2 Sept 2005 VS-1 (NTSC) 14 Sept 2005
vs-1 bus Video streamer eprom with MR BUS support 11/10/2001
vs-1 taker vs-1 taker Eprom 11/10/2001
DOS Software
vslink VS Link Original DOS Version 19/10/2001
Windows Software
vslink3.msi Last update 7/Jan/2014 New 32/64 bit Windows compatible file download program In order to see the serial ports set to 32 bit compatible mode. Video Streamer with vslink and p2 software, Now with Sony P2 Machine control output, File formats include EDL, Text, Text2, Tab delimited, Gallery and new EdiCue files
(15 Aug 2012)
Data Sheet (pdf)
VSLink3 properties is a Windows file download program for Video Streamer, MRADR, and XSony Protocols VS link now with footage switch.
Version Extra Tab deliminated file type filters added, Edit number filter for letters added, Gallery xml filter added
(16 October 2006)
Data Sheet (pdf)
feet.xls Exel speadsheet that convert from Feet+Frames to Timecode, with framerate conversion and timecode start time.
(29 May 2008)
Links to related download pages
USB422 USB to Dual RS422 Port for use with VS-Link

you may download WinZip95 here


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