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QT Player

Photo of QT-Player

English Manuals and Data Sheets Franšais
USB422 Information sheet on USB-422 Dual RS422 port for DAW's USB422
Mac-Mini-Din Pin connection details Mac Mini Din to RS422 for machine control and machine emulation Sample 32 second video file: H264 Encoded, 1024x576 1.83mbits/Sec
3 April 2009: Filesize 7.5MByte
The Video encoding makes a big difference to the file handling, H264 is good, Mpeg4 is bad for handling. A MPeg4 movie file dos not like playing backwards!
Software updates
6 Sept 2010 Now remembers port and register
19 July 2010 I have simplified QTPlayer by removing the Streamer. I was never happy with the quality of the streamer, I have seen other attempts and they all suffer from jerky movment.
This version has sony 9 pin control and can be used with the USB-422 interface. When the qtp interface hardware is available it will resolve to external video syncs, chase timecode and output timecode.Contact me for license
Mac Versions Mac-OSX-Intel QT-Player Beta Test Software
Windows Versions Windows QT-Player Beta Test Software.
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SR-4 4 port desktop Control System, 8 track arm keys
SR-424 4 port desktop Control System, 24 Track Arm Keys
USB-422 USB-422 and USB422V: Dual RS422 port for DAW's, Manuals, Drivers and Test Software

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