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Software Downloads

Windows & DOS Programs is a free application program supplied with the Video Streamer Directions is a Windows file download program for Video Streamer, MRADR, and XSony Protocols VS link now with footage switch.
Version Extra Tab deliminated file type filters added, Edit number filter for letters added, Gallery xml filter added. Support for XMC protocol improved
(14 July 2010)
Data Sheet (pdf) New Windows file download program for Video Streamer with vslink and p2 software Now with Sony P2 Machine control output
Version Support for XMC improved
(14 July 2010)
Data Sheet (pdf) is a Windows ADR/Taker Capture Program, s9 control added to trial period
Data Sheet (pdf)
cbserver Dedicated CBServer Page
unitconfig.cbf Setup file for System Display. For use with CB Server, copy to the CB server directory This file is updated as required to match current SR/MR Software
(23 August 2004)
Information/directions is Configuration Program for new UR422 keyboard, incluides software download program. Runs on windows requres rs232b port with RS422 converter or our new USB-RS422(Dual RS422 port to USB). Now with updated MCU (Monitor Control Unit) manual. Locate, Loop, and GPO Set windows added, SR Macro Set Added. Cue download now with clip number, Loop Save bug fixed
(1 April 2006) is Demonstration Program with Pascal source file of using a sony protocol call to the CBServer to use a single serial port when communication with CB SR/MR/RM systems Dedicated Page for SA-1/SA-2 Windows Sony P2 Serial/CB XMC protocol analizer
Q2Image Q2Image Program 4M7 Runs with CBServer Software
Q2IDemo Q2Image Demo Images 1M4 for use with Q2Image Software
ascii TC-1/2, FC-1/2 ASCII Serial Protocol Demo Program
(25/05/2005) is DOS Software as supplied with ED-1/ED-2 EDL Lister Now includes cbutil
(01/March/2005) is DOS Software for use with capture and other programs
(11/02/2002) Zipped Windows Software to access cbhelp online realtime help,
(1/12/2006) Zipped Windows Software to access cbhelp online realtime help
cbhelp.exe exe version of Windows Software to access cbhelp online realtime help
(1/12/2006) Amps Video Surtitle system for the Deaf developed by CB Electronics, free to Educational users
(17/12/2010) Version of USB422Test for use when testing the PD-1
(21 Feb 2011)

you may download WinZip95 here


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