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Customer Area - Drawings

Line Drawings of various studios and other applications which give an idea of CB Electronics equipment in use.
Drawings are in Portable Document Format (PDF) for downloading and printing out.
You will require the free Acrobat reader to be installed on your computer to open and look at or print the Drawings

Drawings in Adobe PDF last update
ARRI Theatre 1(92KB) 31/07/1998
Digison (43KB) 31/07/1998
De Lane Lea theatre 4 (41KB) 31/07/1998
Michael Eiler Film, Berlin (32KB) 31/07/1998
Studio "N" L'Equipe, Brussels (33KB) 31/07/1998
Fitzrovia Post (41KB) 31/07/1998
FFS Dubbing Theatre (71KB) 31/07/1998
SDS, Bern, Switzerland (64KB) 31/07/1998
Twickenham Theatre 1 (84KB) 31/07/1998
Twickenham Theatre 1(a) (85KB) 31/07/1998
Twickenham Theatre 2 (78KB) 31/07/1998
Twickenham Theatre 3 (69KB) 31/07/1998
Videosonic Theatre 2 (84KB) 31/07/1998
MR24/SR24 (26KB) 31/07/1998
SR-24 and RM-6-24 (53KB) 21/10/2001
SR-424 front panel (20KB) 04/06/2003

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