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Film Monitor Remote

Picture of PD-3

Design Considerations

The complete film monitoring solution, a PD-2 in combination with the TMC-1. The PD-2 is a new Atmos compatible version of the PD-1 “In the Box” Pec/Direct. The TMC-1 multi format monitor controller for Avid XMon or MTRX, NTP Penta, DAD AX32, Trinnov D-Mon or CB A-Mon.

Basic Specifications:
  • Free Standing or S6 Fader size module
  • TMC-1: Remote for XMon, NTP/DAD, D-Mon and A-Mon
  • TMC-1: Record and Play link from PD-2
  • PD-2 Software: up 16 stems, each up to 16 channels wide
  • PD-2: ATMOS compatible with 9.1 Stems, up to 192 channels on two Protools (128 and 64)
  • PD-2 OLed Display: Track/Stem labels and 128 channel Record Display
  • PD-2 Ethernet: Multi-Operator, ready for the next generation of DAW’s
  • Connects via ethernet with PDStem-win/mac sofware for offline stem design, save and recall
English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
PD-3 Flyer PD-3 Flyer PD-3 Flyer_fr
PD-3 User guide.pdf PD-3 User Guide, this describes the Pec-Direct section of the PD-3, The TMC-1 section is described in one of the TMC-1 guides below and the TMC-1 reference. PD-3 Manuel
PDStem User guide.pdf PDStem a windows/mac stem definition program for use with th PD-3
TMC-1 XMon Guide.pdf (676KB) TMC-1 User guide for use with Avid XMon TMC-1 XMon Guide
TMC-1 Amon Guide.pdf (676KB) TMC-1 User guide for use with the CB A-Mon Manuel TMC-1 A-Mon
TMC-1-Penta User Guide.pdf (676KB) TMC-1 User guide for use with NTP Penta, DAD Ax32 or Avid MTRX Manuel TMC-1_Penta
TMC-1 Reference.pdf (676KB) TMC-1 Reference guide foruse with all versions of the TMC-1 Manuel TMC-1 de ReferenceV4
TMC-1 Software updates, Mac and Windows Software
The TMC-1 section of the PD-3 only shares the power supply with the PD-2. Details on the TMC-1 can be found on the appropriate TMC-1 Page : TMC-1-A-Mon, TMC-1-Penta, TMC-1-XMon or TMC-1-DMon.
amon.html Details on the CB A-Mon
tmc1xmon.html Details on the TMC-1-XMon for Avid XMon
tmc1penta.html Details on the TMC-1-Penta for NTP penta 720, DAD AX32, Avid MTRX
xpand.html Details XPand, Atmos or Auro expansion for XMon or A-Mon
PD-3 Pec-Direct: Mac and Windows Software Example of a Pro-Tools PD-1 Session Template, setup for 24 track 5.1 session PDStem-Mac/Win: Stem assign program for PD-1v2/PD-2/PD-3, may be used instead of autostem for complex sessions, setup for one or two PD's, and one or two Protools and stems of any width
Connects to the PD3 via ethernet only
Updated 21 June 2017 rs422upd-Mac/Win: Firmware update tool for PD-1, PD-2 and PD-3. Runs on windows XP, win-7 and win-10.
Requires USB-422 (Dual RS422 port to USB) as supplied with PD-1/2/3
USB-422 driver must be fitted, see usb-422 page
31/10/2016 Updated to include PD-2 Option install
PD-2 Pec Direct; Firmware updates
Firmware: PD-3 Software is saved in Flash Rom and updated using rs422upd (Free download tool) and a windows/mac computer using USB-422 port B connected to PD-3 Input port
pd-3-17623.bin 23rd Jun 2017 Updated to include ethernet communications between PD devices and PDStem s/w

Links to related pages
USB-422 USB-422 and USB422V: Dual RS422 port for DAW's, Manuals, Drivers and Test Software
pd1.html Details of original pd-1

you may download WinZip95 here

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