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Timecode Gearbox TG-1, TG-2

Timecode In - Out: Converts both standard and frame rate.
Any combination of 23.97 : 24 : 24.97 : 25 : 29.97 : 30 supported.

photo of timecode gearbox

Timecode Standard/Framerate Converter

Timecode Input any standard 24, 25(EBU), 30(SMPTE), DROP FRAME
Timecode Output any standard 24, 25(EBU), 30(SMPTE), DROP FRAME
Input : Output Frame Rate Gearbox 23.97 : 24 : 24.97 : 25 : 29.97 : 30
Switchable Timecode Generator Lock Source Reader, Video
RS232 Serial Interface ASCII Protocol
6 Preset configurations Easy Setup for Repeat Jobs


AS TG-1 but with RS422 In and Out:
Use with standards converter for making copies or will also slave PAL video @ 24fps..

The Timecode Gearbox is used whenever you have to mix code standards, normally because someone has supplied you with an Audio or Video and a different standard or Frame rate:-


  1. The M & E track has been supplied with 29.97 fps SMPTE timecode and you are working with 25 fps EBU timecode.
  2. You are dubbing the final mix to film at 24 fps and you are supplied with a dialogue tape recorded to 25fps Video.
    The Timecode Gearbox may also be used to change standard/timecode value without gearbox action.
  3. You are working with a system that does not recognise Drop frame code and you need to convert from Drop to Non Drop.
  4. You have almost finished your Mix and a new video is supplied with a different timecode. The Synchronizer section of the TG-1 may be used to synchronize any non-linear VTR (V-Mod, V-1, Viper) or Dynamic scan VTR at a different frame rate.
  5. You wish to prepare the music tracks for a 24fps film to a 25fps PAL video, you can use the TG-1 to slave the Video to 24fps so that there is no pitch shift on the final version.

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PDF version of the TG-1 manual available from the Customer Area/Manuals section


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