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P2DVD Pioneer DVD-V7300D/V7400D RS422 Machine Control Interface

photo of P2DVD(14K)
RS422 Input For use with Consoles, DAW or Synchronisers
Timecode Output From frame count or timecode on audio track
Timecode Input Convert continuous or single burst of timecode on Audio track to RS422
PAL/NTSC One machine only
Low Running costs 30,000 Hours MTBF, No expensive heads to replace
DVD, RS422, LTC Reader, Video Indicators Self Test

Now with improved Jog performance! New software and a new variable speed generator chip allows the P2DVD to output time code whilst in Jog and Shuttle. A new Jog/Shuttle algorithm allows the user to select a preferred jog speed (1/4, 1/2, or 1* play speed) to remove speed jitter and allow DAW's to lock to the DVD.

The Pioneer V7300D DVD is a well proven industrial DVD player with two unique features,
1) Lock to external video syncs, 2) RS232 Control.
With the advent of consumer DVD recorders for the transfer bay DVD has become as simple to use as Beta or U-matic.

The combination of the P2DVD interface and the Pioneer DVD player can replace U-Matic's and Beta's as a controllable picture source. This combination provides the advantages of Hard disk, low maintenance cost, and instant access with the instant availability, picture quality and portability of tape. maintenance cost, and instant access with the instant availability, picture quality and portability of tape. Designed to be used with existing consoles and DAW's and synchronisers the interface will connect any Sony P2 Protocol serial port to the Pioneer RS232 Port.

The P2DVD Interface may be used as a RS422 controlled Master with most RS422 synchronisers and Console automation systems.

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P2DVD date sheet available from the manuals section

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