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The SR-4 and RM-6 are both fully supported current products, at one point We were designing replacements, but realised that then we would have to support both old and new. We decided to concentrate on supporting the current SR-4 and RM-6. For example they are both now supplied with bi-level and tri-level video sync inputs. The upgrade kit for this is available so that even the oldest of units can be modified.

The SR-4 and hence the RM-6 were designed in the days when EPROMS ruled, all our current products have field programable software and some even have field programable hardware! We finally worked out how add this feature to the SR-4 and RM-6. The new add on board plugs in in place of the EPROM and holds two versions of the software, the programming software (Available for both MAC and Windows) to reprogram one at any time. The user can then select which version to use, in this way even if the new version is corrupted there is always a working version available.

An upgrade kit is available and all future units will be shipped with the modification.
` Buy Online - RomUpd EPROM Replacement Kit - Available Ex-Stock
All prices include delivery by courier 1-3 days depending on location, UK sales with VAT, EU Sales with/without VAT, "Rest of World" without VAT
If you Select "Europe Excluding VAT" you must email your VAT/TVA Number, Company Name and Address or include it with your order
Please include your telephone number for the courier
RomUpd Customer Install (Please e-mail Photographs) RomUpd Factory Install and Return Shipping
Destination UK / EU / World
Destination UK / EU / World
English Manuals and Data Sheets Franηais
RomUpd_i.pdf Information on how to install RomUpd on the RM-Micro(6 port) and SR-Micro(4 port) synchronizer boards updated to include monitor s/w
28 Feb 2014
Manuel RomUpd
Revision History - RomUpd - Mac/PPC/Windows Setup Software
Version 1.1 18th June 2014 - Romupd Firmware build date added
Version 1.1 28th Feb 2014 - Hardware Monitor enable switch added for version 1.0 firmware and version displayed
Version 1.1 28th May 2014 - Warning added to disable Hardware Monitor when updating S/W, Debug page added for S/W development only
Windows Software Windows Version select and software update Program for ROMUPD, Version 1.0
Mac Software Intel Mac OSX version select and software update Program for ROMUPD, Version 1.0
Firmware The RomUpd pcb firmware can only be updated using a ATMEL programer and a ELF file. Please contact your agent to do this if an upgrade is required. version 1.0 version 18th June 2014
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