Customer - Twickenham Studio 2

twick2-9 (55K)

This is a SR system using a RM-6 and a custom remote panel in a Harrison MPC console. When the console was upgraded to digital the original MR system was replaced with a new RM-6 bassed SR system. The original keyboard and displays were used, the displays were mounted in the surface of the console instead of sitting on top as before.
The RM-6 replaced two MR-3's.

twick2-4 (35K)

Note the Large 8mm Dual tilting LCD display's. Set in the rear of the console the combination of tilt and Large 8mm characters make the display easy to read.

twick2-7 (41K)

A four port keyboard hub is used so that two S29KBD's could be connected to the GPI input.

twick2-3 (34K)

Track arming is from the Harrison PEC/DIRECT panels via RS422 and may address any track on any of the five ports on the system. The automation timecode is connected directly from the system to the Harrison.

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